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My Journey to a Healthy life welcomes serious guest bloggers to write a post related to the following,

Writing Topics:


Health & Wellness, Fitness, Beauty, Couponing, Education, Parenting, Relationships, Financial Literacy, Hospitality, Travel Spots, Empowerment, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and more…


All guest blog posts must be detailed and unique. No sense beating readers on the head with a topic that should be put to rest. All post will be run through Copyscape to be sure duplicate post and similar articles are not being submitted.

Entry rules must be followed:

  1. You must be willing to commit to submitting detailed and unique post with a minimum of 1000 words and a max of 2000 words within two weeks.
  2. Guest Blogger must submit a 250 words max Bio with no more than two links to the guest bloggers website, social media or blog.
  3. When submitting a guest post only a minimum of four links will be approved.
  4. Guest bloggers and other contributors to My Journey to a Healthy Life are responsible for their own submitted material, images, graphics and media on the website and have to ensure that their work complies with United States copyright laws read disclaimer in full click here.
  5. No Authors account, will be given all entries must be sent via email in a word document.
  6. Guest bloggers are allowed to link their guest post from their own site. However, My Journey to a Healthy Life Reserve All Content and Publishing Rights to guest post published on My Journey to a Healthy Life.
  7. Guest bloggers must contribute to the community by responding to all comments on the guest post they wrote. It doesn’t matter if you submit a simple reply just as long as the reader is acknowledged by receiving a reply back to their comment.


Submit all serious entries to make sure in the subject line you put Guest blogger.

Once you are approved to be a guest blogger a Guest Writers Agreement will be emailed and must be signed within five days of receiving agreement.  Thank you for your interest, we here at look forward to reading your entries.


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