Black Girls Run, Why You Should Join

One of my goals on my list is to become a runner, like most people I am intimated by what being a runner actually entails. I, also, often wonder since I am a proud warrior fighting Lupus and Thyroid disease, will my autoimmune diseases allow me to become a runner. Well, the truth is I don’t know, but I am going to find out. I decided to get off my butt, get out of my own way and not let fear keep me from my healthier self.  race-695303_1280

Have you ever heard of Black Girls Run! If you haven’t, it’s a community of women of all different backgrounds coming together for a greater goal, a healthier lifestyle. No need to feel intimated about running, everyone has their own unique challenges and goals, however, being a part of a community of women will give you the courage, accountability and motivation to keep running.


Just in case you’re hung up on the name Black Girls Run, don’t be. Black Girls Run welcomes ALL women of all athletic abilities. The best part is not only will you gain more control over your health and athletic abilities you will have support from a group of women with like-minded goals.

I signed up today, will you join me?

For more information about Black Girls Run click here.

What is on your list of goals to accomplish? Let us know in the comments below.



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