Let’s Talk!

Me2Hello everyone, since My Journey to a Healthy Life is a community, I want to make sure this website is beneficial. I do not want to post random post every week that is not beneficial in some way. I also would like to get to know all of you guys, help with any issues you may have, I want everyone to feel free to ask questions, send me a message, share your stories and experiences in a respectful way of course, anything, but will not be tolerated. I look forward to reading them and helping in any way I can. My #1 goal is for everyone to be able to connect with others, get answers to your questions, support and motivation.

With that being said, my goal for this month is to build more engagement with all of you wonderful people. My plan of action is to find out from you exactly what you would like to gain from this page. Please accept my humble apologies, I know, not everyone, likes to do surveys or questionnaires so I am going to make this short as possible. Please respond by leaving a comment with your suggestions below. All suggestions are welcome, I would like for everyone to get something from being a part of My Journey to a Healthy Life.

1.       What type of posts are most helpful?

2.       What would you like to learn or read about?

3.       What problems do you find, you need the most help with?

4.      Would a closed group (a group that anyone can ask to join or be invited by a member and only members can view what is posted in the group) be more helpful, for you to feel free to ask questions and share stories?



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