Lemon Water a Natural Detox

I use lemon in my water all the time now. I use to see people I know ask for lemon in their water whenever we went out to eat, but I never knew the benefits of adding lemon to water. To be honest, I really don’t think my friends or love ones did either. I say this because anytime I asked most of them responded with, I don’t know I just like it, it beats drinking just plain water. While the rest said, I don’t know, I just do it because I saw someone else do it and I liked it so I kept doing it. Did you know that by drinking lemon water, it will help you to lose weight and helps to rejuvenate your skin? Dr. Josh Axe explains the use of drinking lemon water in a way that everyone can understand and he gives five benefits of drinking lemon water along with its nutritional value. Check it out.



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