Outwitting the Devil, The Secret to Freedom and Success. By Napolean Hill


“Then like a flash of lighting out of clear sky, an idea burst into my mind with such force that the impulse drove my blood up and down my veins.  This is your testing time.  You have been reduced to poverty and humiliation in order that you might be forced to discover your “other self””. Napoleon Hill

And with that I was hooked! Even now as I write this book review I gain a rejuvenation of focus and a reduction of insignificant noise as produced by everyday life.  It was difficult to review a book that I already read, and not get completely caught up in it but it was my pleasure, so I will be reading it in its entirety again to make sure nothing was missed.

This is not a book about religion despite what the title leads you to believe. In my view, this is a book about logic.  This is a book written by a pure thinking individual that broke down instances in his life as well as many others lives, sat down in front of the data, analyzed it and essentially came up with principles based on observed patterns of successful and unsuccessful people over three decades.  He was such a critical thinker and so ahead of his time in terms of his controversial views of the educational system and the catholic church that his late wife forbade him to publish the book.  Hence, the book was not published for nearly 80 years.

So what was it that captivated me about a book written after the depression by a white guy that I have nothing in common with?  Exactly the fact that I have something in common with him. He suffered losses that would have debilitated most individuals during the depression but he listened to his “other self” without question and rebuilt what had been lost. We all have something in common with him!

We may not have suffered through the depression but our economic times are dicey to say the least.  We may not all be authors or formally educated but we all have personal struggles and that is the point.  The way the book was written assured that I was not able to put it down.  It was so profound that checked it out at the local library read it, and then bought it.  Napoleon Hill corners what he believes to be the Devil and essentially interrogates him and commands him to reveal certain truths of the law of nature.

“Q.  I think I understand what a drifter is.  Tell me the exact habits of people by which you induce them to drift through life start by telling me when and how you first gain control of a person’s mind. 

A. My control over the mind of a human being is obtained while the person is young.  Sometimes I lay the foundation for my control before the owner of it is born, by manipulating the minds of that person’s parents.  Sometimes I go further back than this and prepare people for my control through what you earth bound call “physical heredity”.  You see therefore I have two approaches to the mind of a person.”

The type of reasoning used in the interview and the detailed questions that are posed purposely shift your thinking and how you perceive.  I took away seven things from this book are,

1.Definate of purpose.

  1. Mastery over self.
  2. Learning from adversity.
  3. Controlling environmental influences (Associations)
  4. Time (giving of permanency to positive rather than negative thought habits, developing wisdom).
  5. Harmony (Acquiring definite of purpose to become a dominating influence in your own mental spiritual and physical environment).
  6. Caution (thinking over your plan).

If you have a dream a goal or an experiment that you want to conduct in your life that requires change that paralyzes your progress, then you cannot afford to not read this book! I hope this review provides you value and helps you on your path to an overall healthier life.

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