3 Easy Cauliflower Recipes

3 easy cauliflower recipes, I used to trick my 3yr. old into eating cauliflower.

Cauliflower, gets no love, my 3yr. old refuse to eat it or any vegetables. If you put vegetables on his plate to where he can tell what it is you can forget it he will not eat it. I tried the old fashion way to get him to eat it. I tried bribing him, I tried threatening no dessert, I even tried, you will eat it before it eats you trick, and nothing happened other than my poor child falling asleep at the dinner table. He is just as stubborn as his father (well like me, but why would I admit to being stubborn). However, I discovered a great way to get him to eat his veggies without him knowing that he is actually eating vegetables. However, I am going to discuss how I tricked him into eating Cauliflower, but first I am going to start with the benefits and the nutrients that Cauliflower brings to the table.

Cauliflower belongs to the Brassica Oleracea family, the Brassica family consist of Cabbage, Kale, Collard Greens, Brussels sprouts and most people’s favorite Broccoli. Didcauliflower-1133241_1280 you know Cauliflower comes in four different colors? According to Wikipedia, it comes in White, Orange, Purple and Green. “The Orange Cauliflower contains about 25% more vitamin A than the White Cauliflower, The Green Cauliflower is a mixed of Broccoli and Cauliflower combined together and yes it is sold in the United States and Europe since the early 90’s. The Purple Cauliflower is formed because of the presence of anthocyanins which can be found in red cabbage and red wine” according to Wikipedia. For the sake of this post the white Cauliflower will be discussed.

Cauliflower which often gets no love if Broccoli is a choice should not be slept on since it offers “vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, pantothenic, vitamin B6, choline, fiber, omega-3 fatscauliflower-697245_1920, manganese, phosphorus biotin, potassium, vitamin B2, protein, vitamin B1, vitamin B3 and magnesium” noted by The World’s Healthiest Foods. The best part about Cauliflower is its and Alkaline vegetable which is also great because Alkaline foods helps our pH. balance.

Wikipedia noted, “one cup of Cauliflower is 25 calories and its low in fat, carbohydrates, dietary fiber and protein among the fact that it is also high in vitamin C and moderate levels of Vitamin B and vitamin K.” I don’t know about you, but for those of us who are watching our waistline 5% carbs is ok with me, since in my opinion a healthy diet contains a little bit of everything. It takes a lot of vegetables to keep the weight off. Megan Ware RDN LD has written in Medical News Today cauliflower also has possible health benefits for Cancer, Digestion, Memory and Strong bones.


3 Different Ways I tricked my 3yr. old to eat Cauliflower

Cauliflower is easy to make as well as hide when cooking, you can boil, steam, roast, sauté, and mash it up or eat it raw. Cut the T.V off, the radio, yell QUIET! Here is a secret, kids20160208_171543 actually like Cauliflower you just have to dress it up. I made Chicken fried Cauliflower rice for dinner (substitute for Chicken Fried Rice, how to make Cauliflower rice below) and it was a hit, my family loved it and asked for seconds.

My 3yr. old who refuses to eat vegetables or rice actually ate it an asked for more. I was shocked. So I started searching for other ways I can trick my 3yr. old to eat more cauliflower and then on to other types of vegetables (He has no clue). Try it,  I got my 3yr. old to eat Mash Cauliflower and he thought he was eating Mash Potatoes and I didn’t tell him he wasn’t, but I often laugh when he tells people he don’t like vegetables. You should try Cauliflower Mash it tastes great and it’s easy to make.


How to make simple Cauliflower Mash

There are several ways to make it, but I find it all depends on your taste buds. So here is a simple way to make Cauliflower Mash and all you have to do is season to taste.


One head of Cauliflower

Sharp knife

Blender or Food Processor or Potato Masher

Steamer optional

1 Cup of water for steaming purposes

1/3 cup of Milk or Coconut milk, or Almond milk

2tbs. Of Butter or Organic, Naturally Refined Coconut oil

         See Recipes for Optional additional  ingredients


  1. Start by cutting the stem off (throw away stems) the cauliflower and then chop into pieces.
  2. Fill a 5qt. pot with one cup of water then insert the steamer and then the cauliflower or if you do not have a steamer then put enough water in the pot to boil the cauliflower. Cook for about 15 to 20min. until fork tender (soft).
  3. After 15 to 20min. strain the water off the cauliflower, then place in a blender, food processor or bowl either is fine (I use a blender) if you don’t have a blender or food processor then you will need a potato masher to mash the cauliflower. Once you put the cauliflower in the blender, food processor or bowl you can season to taste, (I use, Garlic powder, Black pepper, 2tbs. of Light Sour cream and 1½ cup of Cheddar shredded cheese, and crushed cooked Turkey bacon and finely chopped organic spinach for topping) then add the butter or coconut oil  and milk.
  4. After you added the seasons of your choice, the butter or coconut oil  and milk blend it all together or mash it all together until it begins to look like mash potatoes.
  5. Plate it and add your favorite toppings
  6. Then enjoy!


My 3yr. old also loves pizza, so I got him to eat Cauliflower Crust pizza (a suggestion from a close friend of the family), so I found a recipe to make the cauliflower pizza crust by Chef Buck (recipe here). One night my 3yr. old wanted pizza for dinner so I decided it was a better time than any to try out the recipe by Chef Buck.

My 10yr. old happen to walk in the kitchen as I was preparing the crust and she asked what I was making, I told her cauliflower pizza crust. She looked at me strange and said, “Mom, I don’t want any, of that it’s going to be nasty, can I have oatmeal for dinner.” Of course, I told her no, and she better not say anything to her little brother either, she was upset and went into her room. I proceeded with what I was doing…

When dinner was ready, everyone came to the dinner table and my 3yr. old was happy because we were having pizza for dinner. My 10yr. old was sitting at the table pouting and I told her to try the pizza if she doesn’t like it, then she can have oatmeal, she took a bite, then another bite and I said okay, you can give me your plate now, you can have oatmeal, she said, “I don’t want oatmeal, I want my pizza.” I turned to ask my 3yr.old did he like the pizza but he was almost finished with his slice and asking for more.

Last but not least Cauliflower rice, Cauliflower rice can be made three different ways. Such as in the oven, microwave (which only comes out as steamed cauliflower, it’s possible I did20160208_171431 something wrong) and sautéing it in a pan which is my preferred method. Below, I shared “How to simply make Cauliflower Rice”, enjoy.

How to simply make Cauliflower Rice

How to simply make cauliflower rice and then you can dress it up and season how you prefer. First, you will need the following:


One head of Cauliflower

Sharp knife

Blender or Food Processor

2tbs. Of Olive Oil or Organic, Naturally Refined Coconut oil (Butter can be used)



  1. Start by cutting the stem off the cauliflower and then chop into pieces.
  2. Next, you can either use a blender or food processor (I used a blender) to place the cauliflower. Once you put the cauliflower in the blender or food processor pulsed it a few times when using a blender and just hit the pulse button for the food processor until the Cauliflower began to look like rice (You may have a few big pieces left (using blender) remove them set Cauliflower rice to the side and place big pieces back into the blender and repeat step it’s done.
  3. Now, depending on how much you plan to make. If there are any leftover you can freeze the rest in a freezer Ziploc bag. I would suggest freezing it family or individual portion sizes depending on how much you plan to cook next time.
  4. Now it’s time to cook the cauliflower rice.
  5. Heat up the tablespoons of olive oil or butter in a pan on medium heat. Once the oil is hot, then add the cauliflower.
  6. Sauté the cauliflower use a lid to cover (this will allow the cauliflower to soften due to the steam) for about 5 min. or less (depends on the texture you like), stirring occasionally, after about 5 minutes or less you can add whatever seasoning you prefer like salt, pepper, garlic powder parsley or chopped fine spinach or kale again it’s your choice. Everyone’s taste buds are different. Then continue cooking for another 3 minutes or until it dried out a bit and have golden brown edges.
  7. Then enjoy!



Here are a few recipes using Cauliflower:

Cauliflower 3 Delicious Ways

Cauliflower Bread

Cauliflower Popcorn

How to use frozen cauliflower to make pizza crust

What different ways do you make Cauliflower?

Have you ever tried any of these recipes and how did you like it?

Do you have a picky eater, how did you get him or her to eat their vegetables?



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