Personal Growth

I have actually learned a lot, over the years about… I’ve learned that relationships, whether it be friendships or otherwise takes commitment, respect, support and trust in order to weather the storm from both parties. I’ve learned every decision you make a consequence follows, good or bad you have to deal with it so be careful and mindful of the decisions you make. If you have someone in your life that checks you when you’re about to make a bad decision and cheers when you make good ones cherish them because friends like that are hard to come by. Also, be very selective about the people you associate with, not everyone has your best interest at heart. You have to learn to watch for who is for you and who is only around for what you have to offer or for what you stand for.

There may be a time where you may read a text, a comment or someone may say something to you that will piss you off. We have to remember not every comment deserves a response, sometimes people say things to you or in social media cases make a comment to you in order to get you to come out of character and you have to remember that you cannot let them win. It’s only a game. By responding to someone insulting comment you are coming out of character and they won. You allowed them to bring you down to their level. Always stay above the haters. Staying above the haters and not dignifying their comment with a response is the best revenge ever. Why, because if you keep your composure and keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut, you will find out that Karma is real.

I’ve learned that things that were important to me in the past years are not important to me now and the things I took for granted was important, I am forever growing. If I could go back and tell my young self-something it would be something like this:


Dear Self,

Don’t worry about life just live each day as if it’s your last.  You have the whole world to explore with no one but yourself to worry about, you can come and go as you please, you can travel the world, ALL YOUR MONEY IS YOURS. Do you know with just those things alone how truly blessed you are… Live your life with a purpose, but have fun doing it, know that every decision you make has a good or a bad consequence and be ready for it. Never stop praying because there will be times that you will feel alone, but know that with god you are never alone, not everyone will be happy with the choices you make but screw them as long as you’re happy and not hurting anyone else in the process, that’s all that matters. Save your money even if it’s only $10-25 a week, save it and put it in an account that you do not touch for any reason until you are 61yrs. old. It seems like a long time, but trust me, you will thank me. Now is truly the time for you to decide what type of woman you choose to be and strive to become that woman. In the process, you will lose people in your life that you care about, but know that it is not a lost, but a blessing because there is a reason God removed those individuals from your life. Always keep your word because if you have to lie about it later then DON’T DO IT.

Now pay attention this is the biggest one LISTEN TO YOUR INNER VOICE, trust me when I tell you if you go against it you will always be sorry for it later. Your inner voice will be that nagging voice that doesn’t go away, that gut feeling or as some will say that funny feeling that tells you when to do the right thing. Your inner voice will let you know when something or someone is really wrong or not right even when there is no logical reason to listen. Listen anyway, and when you do truly listening, you will not regret it.

 I know you think you know what love is and feels like when it comes to being in an intimate relationship with a man, but the truth is until you meet the man that God has chosen for you and you will know him when you meet him. He’ll be the guy that gives you the overwhelming feeling of safeness, someone praying for you more than you pray for yourself. He will be the guy that you can depend on and will protect you and love you through the hurt… Céline Dion said it best “He will be your eyes when you can’t see, he will be your voice when you can’t speak, he will lift you up when you can’t reach and he will give you faith because he believes… To listen to the official video it has been provided for you by YouTube


NEVER play second to no one, not even when you have children because you will not be able to take care of them the way you would like to. Children deserve to have a mother who shows up and is present. A mother who will teach them what it’s like to stand up for justice, listens with their whole hearts while listening to their inner voice, embrace kindness, love themselves the way that god loves them, to do the right thing even when everyone else around them is not, love who they are and be proud of their heritage and to always remember you and they are PRICELESS…  

 It is extremely important for you to take care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. Or you will become depressed and if that happens to know that you are not alone. I wish I could tell you that everyone will understand what you are going through or that the doctors know everything and they will always be able to help but I can’t.  All I can tell you is live right, live healthy and put your trust in God. However, know that there is nothing wrong with asking for help, it does not make you weak. It makes you strong because you are standing in your truth and know you will weather the storm even if you have to do it alone.

Never forget anyone who you allow in your circle is blessed to be there and if they treat you any other way than they are to be removed from your circle. Some people need to be demoted from their title as a friend, to associate, to no title at all. Learn to cherish the moments because you may not get them again. Learned that not everyone is ready or can handle the truth, God prepares us by the things we go through in life in order to prepare us for our truth. Yes, it’s very tempting once you learned the truth that you would want to go and shout it to the world so everyone else can open their eyes and hearts, but if people are not ready they will not receive it and that is ok they will learn in Gods time. Finally, just when you think you can’t take no more, God will show you that you are strong enough to make it.  Look forward to the life lessons that God has in stored for you those lessons and how you handle them will define who you are and know that not everyone is going to be able to take that ride with you. Just put on your favorite song and enjoy the ride.Me2

Live with a purpose, Live healthy and Love yourself,


Your singing voice is AWSOME!


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