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My Journey to a Healthy Life was created for individuals who want to come and get information that will help them to change their way of thinking about Health. My Journey to a Healthy Life is more than just eating healthy and exercising, You will learn to change your way of thinking by reprogramming, and rebuilding your mind.  This is a place where everyone can come to get encouragement, share their life experiences, healthy recipes, motivational and inspiring stories… Along with learning about couponing, beauty care techniques, healthy living, parenting, relationships and more… Everyone are encouraged to ask questions and offer their experiences.

We have an awesome team that has a lot of amazing things to share with you about, beauty, health, couponing, product reviews, and more. You can visit each author by navigating your way over to the right side of the blog pages. You will see each section is listed under Blog Roll, which you will find a list of links to other sites on My Journey to a Healthy Life.

We believe that in order to obtain complete health you have to change your way of thinking. So many people when asked what comes to mind when you hear the word health. A lot of them reply with Balanceexercising and eating healthy. That’s what makes this team awesome, we know that health encompasses so much more than that, It encompasses our Physical, Mental and Emotional wellbeing. We have to learn to balance all aspects of our lives… So let’s do it together. Go get your tea, coffee or your favorite drink and sit back and relax and join us on this Journey to a Healthy Life.

Please feel free to share with us you can reach each individual author with their contact information found directory-881420_1280on each individual author’s home page.

If you have any complaints to report about the website or authors, please email all complaints and concerns to mjtahl810@gmail.com please allow up to 48hrs for a response to your complaint.



Please keep in mind that the general information posted to My Journey to a Healthy Life Facebook page and website is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Everyone is encourage to do their own research and seek the advice of a professional or expert. Comments are not considered advice nor should it be taken as such. All information found on this page and used is done so at your own risk and free will. Please read MJTAHL Disclaimer.


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